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The undersigned hereby applies for a team franchise for the fee stated and agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations of the league, and furthermore to ensure all fees and fines are paid in full when due. (A $100 fine will be levied for each game after the due date that league fees are not paid) In the event that facility damage (including drinking alcohol and smoking in dressing rooms) can be attributed to my team or its players, the team will be assessed the expenses and may be removed from further competition. In the event that my team defaults a game, we shall incur a $200.00 fine (due at your next scheduled game) and a 1‑0 win shall be awarded to the other team. I am responsible for my team to have matching uniforms and same base coloured shorts. A $10 fine per player will be levied against my team after the third game of the season. I am responsible for every player that registers for my team and appears on the game sheet. I will be suspended should any players are found playing illegally. I am also responsible for all spectators that watch my team play.

Registration fee: $300.00